EGGs-tra, EGGs-tra! The Easter is around the corner!

To celebrate this special occasion, between Thursday 18th and Sunday 21st April, you can take part in the Easter Egg Hunt on Kawaii Panda website and WIN a Kawaii Panda Surprise Box! 

Kawaii Panda Easter Eggs

How Can You Play?

The hunt is simple, each day there are eight eggs + one golden egg hidden somewhere on Kawaii Panda website and can only be found on photo covers of some specific products.

There will be at least one hidden Easter Egg per each website's category (Accessories, Candy & Snacks, Squishies, Stationery, etc) and the eggs will have the exact same size, so it will be easy peasy for you to spot the hidden eggs!

Keep an eye out for the new eggs that will be placed everyday on the website at 9AM GMT+1! 

What To Do When You Find An Egg?

To ENTER, all you have to do is: FIND the 8 hidden Easter Eggs on the website, ADD the product to your basket (aka cart) - no need to register on the website. Once you have found eight eggs, PRINTSCREEN your basket/cart page and SEND an e-mail within 24h to easterbunny@kawaii-panda.com with the subject “Easter Bunny I found my Easter Eggs!” to let the Easter Bunny know where you have found the eggs and which special words your eggs have on them.

Following these easy but important steps will qualify you for a chance to WIN Kawaii Panda Surprise Boxes!

You Found A Golden Egg, What That Means?

A Golden Egg is a special egg which has the word in golden color. If you manage to find the 8 hidden Easter Eggs plus the Golden Egg (total of 9 eggs), it means your entry will count as 2 entries instead of just one only, increasing your chances of winning a Kawaii Panda Surprise Box!

Also, the Golden Egg can give you the ability to enter into the draw if you have only found 7 of the 8 hidden Easter Eggs, meaning that with 7 Easter Eggs plus the Golden Egg (total of 8 eggs) you can still qualify for a chance to win a surprise box.

You Only Found 7 Eggs, Can You Still Enter Into The Draw?

You have to find at least 8 hidden Easter Eggs, may it be 8 Easter Eggs OR 7 Easter Eggs + a Golden Egg. Unfortunately, 7 or less eggs will not be accepted or considered as valid entries.

What Can You Win?

Each day you will be hunting for different Easter Eggs on Kawaii Panda website, so you will be entering for a chance to WIN a different Kawaii Panda Surprise Box every day until 21st April!

  • Thursday 18th - Enter for a chance to win a Panda Box
  • Friday 19th - Enter for a chance to win a Sakura Box
  • Saturday 20th - Enter for a chance to win an Oishii Box
  • Sunday 21st - Enter for a chance to win a Harajuku Box

Only one entry per person per day will be accepted but be sure to enter once a day to increase your chances of winning a Kawaii Panda Surprise Box!

The 4 lucky winners will be selected by random.org and will be announced on social media on Monday, April 22nd.